Friday, October 07, 2005

Grown-up Soda

Now I am not a regular drinker of soda. I veer away from it. Give me a Snapple any day. Recently though I have been introduced to a variety of offbeat sodas -courtesy my nephew and brother. The first one of these was the classic orangeade (reminds me of Britain and the Famous Five), then came lemonade, the best though was French Berry Lemonade. All these sodas are available at Trader Joe's- a not so regular grocery store. I currently stay in White Plains, NY, where sadly there is no TJ's,but we have a Whole Foods. On my walk back from downtown to home, I decided to venture in and check out their offerings. I liked the store, big and a good variety of stuff. And there I see gingerale, in a nicely shaped bottle bearing the brandname GuS (I am thinking ...hop on the bus, gus-Simon and Garfunkel's song-Fifty Ways to leave your lover). Gus- Grown-Up Soda. I decide to sample it, to continue my trend of trying out new foodstuffs. They also have some very good dark chocolates. If you like your drinks, not too sweet and syrupy, then this is for you. Best part is that they don't use that ubiquitous high fructose corn syrup. Try a GuS next time...its okay you can have soda, even though you're an adult!


Rolf 10:06 PM  

Cool blog site V - induced me to sign up so I could be the first to comment today. Delighted you are finding good things in White Plains. Regarding sodas - just had for the first time a Turkish soda (at the Sahara restaurant in Brooklyn, NY) that resembled sprite with a touch of bubblegum flavor - better than I expected - in fact, delightful. Perhaps I'll be able to bring you a bottle some day. Very best - Rolf

Ranger of the West 6:34 PM  

How does Gus go with New York Pizza?

InfoMiner 9:39 AM  

Turkish Soda..hmm would have to give it a try, Thanks Rolf.
I tried GuS with a chicken quesadilla, New York style pizza should be next!



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