Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A search for "Box Plots" led me to this!

I was searching for interpretations of box plots with regards to genetic data. Found a very interesting paper on the phenomenon of blogging. The researchers are at Univ. of California, Irvine and have tried to answer the question "Are Bloggers a Global Community?" Read on to get some very interesting insights on the content of blogs from around the world and the associated personalities. Also, the paper has a very nice application of some standard statistical tests, explained lucidly.
A paper that won't put you to sleep!
The paper may be found here
Filename:Su-Bosom-CT05.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader Required.


resa 5:13 AM  

Well, there was another which tried to find out how happy/sad people were by searching their blogs. In livejournal, apparently users can indicate mood at the time of writing. Also the authors were allowed to do some text search for some particular words indicate the mood of the author.



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