Monday, January 30, 2006

Things that make me go hmmm.

Selling India Inc. at Davos


The World Economic Forum is held yearly at Davos, Switzerland.And this year India seems to have done a great job at being one of the better salesmen. Will this effort and sleepless nights spent by its ministers, policymakers and businessmen pay off? To resort to an old cliche, time will tell!

So, we are out there attracting foreign investment, improving our infrastructure and ensuring the lives of ordinary people in India are better.

But is it? how is the life of an ordinary Indian?

This post on Dog's Own Country (the title of the blog is a spoof on the State's Advertising Campaign- God's Own Country) paints a grim picture on the lives of women in the state of the Kerala, India. The post is an excerpt of the response of Shashi Tharoor to comments about his earlier article titled Kalyanikutty's Kerala that appears in The Hindu (a broadsheet from South India).

One cannot confuse well-being with being independent. Women for the most part are not empowered, or given their rightful place in society (No, I am not referring to Bombay, Delhi, which represent less than 5% women populations).

And then let's not forget the caste system, which has been used for ages to exploit people from lower classes.

It won't matter how many shiny new trains, roads, buses cars and exotic restaurants we have.Till we develop a basic understanding, respect for other human beings, we are not going to have better lives.

मेरा भारत महान MERA BHARAT MAHAN -Ya rite!




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