Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Want a Free Ipod?

I received an email earlier today from a certain person. It was about getting a free Ipod. (the message and my response are posted below this rant) Ordinarily, I would ignore and hit delete. But, this was the third instance. When will people stop being so stupid.

Would you for instance jump through loops and wear a crazy outfit to get a free dinner? I reckon not, but you would do the equivalent to get an Ipod.

Some people might disagree and contend that it's an Ipod. Yes it's a swanky MP3 player and has been marketed very well. But that doesn't give you any reason to bomb my email box with crap. I get enough spam about crap like this anyway.

What pissed me off even more was the fact, that these are people who have dropped out of touch. But in the need to fulfill the requirement of sending the message to 5 other people, they pull my email-id out of their address books.

This is worse than getting FWDs (forwards), atleast some of those make me laugh. Who doesn't like a good Calvin or Garfield forward. So get it people..there is no FREE IPOD you're getting by sending me crap! Work for it, save for it and trust me it will be more satisfying. If you can't do that, too bad, suck it up and listen to the radio! You might even do your ears a favor.

Subject: From your friend
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 18:03:50 +0530
Jane Doe <> wrote: Hello!
I don't usually send these on but you're going to want to see this. We can get an ipod nano free.
Sign up and check it out.
Are you game?
My Response:

I am deeply touched everytime you remember me, when you see a new exciting offer in your inbox. It's good to know that you still value my acquaintance. I will make sure to do the same when I am absolutely bored and have nothing to do. I also thank you for using my email-id and can attribute that to the increasing spam I get with subject lines like: Get An IPOD or other such misleading crap. Yes, do feel free to exercise your birth given right to spread spam and bomb other's email boxes with unwanted messages. Seriously, "Jane Doe" I appreciate the effort you have put in just to keep in touch. But a simple hello would do!




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