Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mumbai Blasts 11 Jul 2006: The day after

The day started as usual for me, was working away, till I decided to check the news. I usually check the consolidated listings from Google and Yahoo! 7 blasts hit Mumbai Trains! Wait, am I reading this right?, yes yet another series of blasts aimed at innocents getting back home after a long days work. Death toll reported at 7.00pm IST/9.30am EST 134 dead, over 400 injured. I knew that number is going go up. I have travelled on those trains before and the phrase packed like a can of sardines begins to sound like a cliche.

Being here in the New York region, the only thing I could do was call old friends and cousins to find if they are ok. Easier said than done, when the phone networks were jammed. Luckily SMSes were getting thru, It was heartening to know that all the people I knew were accounted for.

Having been in Bombay in the past and living through two bomb blasts and riots, I can relate to how it feels. The complete feeling of helplessness, traffic snarls that prevent you from getting home, phones not working. Trying to find a policeman is easier said than done. That's when the kindness of an absolute stranger goes a long way in comforting, it could be as simple as giving you water to drink and giving you a ride home or the nearest hospital.

I have a list of links below-mainly blogs which can be of immense help
Mumbai Help
A summary of blogs
List of Dead on Mumbai Police Website List compiled by the MumbaiHelp Bloggers One of the most shocking personal recounts: Mumbai Help: The Morning After - updates Some sensible comments, I came across in the media. Vikram Sood, former chief of RAW:"Please don't show dead bodies on television," said Vikram Sood, former chief of Research and Analysis Wing while talking to "TV channels should stop showing dead bodies because it generates fear.
VIPs should avoid visiting Mumbai: Pawar
A policy by the Times of India website: As news of one of the worst terror attacks ever started to come in, photographs too poured in. Many of which explicitly showed the carnage and human loss caused by the seven blasts. Unlike television channels beaming images of blood and gore, we at took a call not to display such pictures on the website. We felt it would only add to the deep despair of the moment. We showed instead the damage caused and, more importantly, the resilience and humanity of Mumbaikars. Do you think we have done the right thing? Or would you rather have us put up all photographs from the site of tragedy without filter?
I believe these comments are the most sensible, at a time like, resources are needed to care for the injured. And to respect the dead and their families. More later...when I am not feeling angry and helpless!


babu 7:14 PM  

Yeah, it's really messed up. Mom called a couple of our relatives and everybody is fine, but this is all too much. Hope everything is well in NY.




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