Saturday, October 07, 2006

12 Days in September

From Vacation, Sep...
I finally took a vacation in Sept. 2006. The picture above is of the waters around San Juan Islands, WA. (More pictures are at the link below the picture) Thr trip was to the Pacific North West (North America). I went with a friend from grad school. We flew into Seattle, WA, our starting point. I am going to list the places we visited in this post, and go into details in subsequent posts. Our Next stop was the San Juan Islands, WA, after camping here for two nights we went North to Vancouver, BC in Canada. We stayed there for 3 nights and headed back south to Mt. Rainier and then to Mt. St. Helens. After camping in the mountains for 3, 2 nights, we headed to Portland, OR. Portland was out last stop, we headed back to Seattle after two weeks for our flights back. More posts about the places will follow or alternatively I will put up trip reports on my homepage. Till then I hope you enjoy the photographs.


babu 9:18 PM  

Cool to hear about your trip. It's always important to take some time off. Hopefully I'll be able to travel to the Pacific Northwest one day.

InfoMiner 11:54 PM  

I agree. You should definitely put the Pacfic NW on your list.
And this trip was one of the best vacations I've had.



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