Saturday, December 09, 2006


It finally felt like winter yesterday with a high of 27F/-2.8C. I am not even factoring windchill or the temperatures in the evening. As is part of my usual routine on early Friday evenings, I went to the gym. When I stepped out and took a breath, it felt like my lungs were gonna explode! Yes, it's December and I should expect nothing else. To put it in perspective I am used to tropical climate with high humidity and heat and temps of 75F/24C even in winter. To add to the misery we have been having a rather warm spell and it's supposed to get warmer again in the next week. Talk about the weather gods having a finical mind. Give me a constant temperature -Cold, Hot, subfreezing, Temperate - Please let my body get used to it. And with this cold weather comes dry air, real dry air. I am talking the kind where If I comb my hair, I can build up enough static (electrostatic) to discharge electricity. Sparks fly take a new meaning. If there is anybody out there who suffers from the same affliction, I suggest trying this, hold a key between your fingers and touch that to a metal object, it hurts less that way. I could go into the physics to explain why..maybe some other time. Till then I am heading out with 3 layers to enjoy this glorious season of holidays!


Babu 6:05 PM  

Dude, you should come down here to St. Maarten where it is summer all year round. But pretty soon I will be back in Georgia for Christmas break where it is a little colder but certainly not as cold where you are



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