Monday, February 26, 2007

Winter still not over!

That was the view out of my window on Oscar night 2007. A very white carpet. It was beautiful though, unlike the earlier storm on V-Day when it turned real icy and very cold. But I am ready for some warmer weather, this February has been rather brutal. The weekend was rather good, saw Ghost Rider with an old friend from school. and saw bits of the Oscar show Ellen was actually funny and the jokes were better this year. Do watch The Queen and Last Kind of Scotland if you haven't already. Both performances were stellar and it was validated by them getting the Oscars.

I move in two weeks to Beantown (Boston,MA). So yes I am looking for boxes--let the adventures in moving begin. More updates on that later. Now it's off to bed after a rather long day of research!

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jylo 10:19 AM  

since when did you decide to move to boston??

InfoMiner 3:52 PM  

it's been in the works for the past several weeks.
It's finally coming to fruition.
My lab is moving up to Boston.



I am an Informatics Specialist, involved in analysis and visualization of biological and clinical data. Photography is what I do in my spare time. I live in Cambridge, MA.

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