Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Meanwhile Back in Boston...Snow!

While I was away in France, Boston and the the NE of the US got hit with back to back snowstorms in the week of Dec 9-Dec 16! The picture above is of my car, can you spot it? Yup that's how much snow we got. And it's been cold and below freezing since then, so most of the snow or crud as I like to call it is still around. You will call it crud too, after it's been around for a few days, mixed with salt and sand they use in Boston to get rid of it. This December we have got about 19.7" inches of snow, this is more than the total past season (17.6"). I got some friends visiting from Atlanta, where it rarely snows. I sent them this pic to help them mentally prepare themselves....muhahahaha! At this rate I might have to put on skis to get to work!
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lizkdc 9:42 AM  

Six things happened to you in 2007 and two of them were "it snowed in Boston?"

InfoMiner 5:45 PM  

Yes Liz, only six things made me blog or rather made me feel like sharing. Also, one of the snow events was in White Plains.
And now I think I am going to be more regular. Thank you for visiting.



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