Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beaches and Lifeguards

I finally made it to the beach this Summer. It's kind of sad that I have to make plans to visit the beach given that at one time in my life I used to live a 25 minute walk from the beach. Given that, I had a great time, it was wonderful and refreshing to experience the waves of the Atlantic. It was also very humbling or rather overwhelming, to know that I couldn't really do a swimming stroke across the waves. After which I just lied on the sand and snoozed while the sun dried me off. The beach we went to was Sachuest Beach in Newport, Rhode Island, about an hour and half drive from where I live.

I went with some other scientists, an unusually international crowd, with number of nationalities totaling to 5! It made for some interesting conversations and sometimes inappropriate commentary about their impressions of America. Nevertheless, in the end we had a great time and it was a well spent Saturday. I plan to do it more often and maybe next time visit the "city beaches" of Boston.

We reached the beach quite late in the afternoon, and only found an empty spot by the lifeguard tower. This made for overhearing interesting exchanges between the lifeguards themselves and visitors to the beach. Of course the moment you say lifeguard, the T.V show Baywatch and all it's connotations enter my head. I found I wasn't alone as we discussed the life of a lifeguard, and wondered whether it was boring. I would say it's far from boring, when a lifeguard is in-charge of watching over hundreds of people and making sure they are safe. Also, I think they were pro-active yesterday by stopping people from being overly stupid and thus preventing accidents. For instance, there was a incident where this trio had gone out too far in the water and were messing around, he called them in before they drowned themselves. I think their job is rather challenging, as is any job where the responsibility is keeping human lives safe. I will leave you with this article I read today in the New York Times: Called to Help: 28 Years as a Lifeguard.




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