Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rock Climbing!

I went outdoor rock climbing this past weekend. It's quite a different experience from climbing indoors on a wall.  I learned a lot what of my body is capable of and how I need to trust my own feet. The simple act of transferring weight and directing it down helps you get a better hold with just your toes.  At first it seemed absolutely daunting with a 50 feet high cliff face staring me in the face. By the end of the day and of course many tries and pointers later, I came away feeling accomplished at climbing at least 3 different routes.




I am an Informatics Specialist, involved in analysis and visualization of biological and clinical data. Photography is what I do in my spare time. I live in Cambridge, MA.

This blog is the medium to showcase one photo per post from what I shoot. I will try to do post one a day!

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