Monday, June 07, 2010

Trip to Moab, Utah

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I visited Moab, Utah at the tail end of a trip that had taken to me D.C and Salt Lake City. I went without bothering to read about it, or plan my days there, except for securing a car and accommodations! I came back knowing I will be back. The landscape, scenery (stark at times) are mesmerizing. You can't be prepared for your eyes are going to see. My only recommendation would be when you visit, plan on spending more than 3 days. I spent over 5 days and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I also got to drive the the Prius extensively, almost 750 miles spending $42 on gas! That's another blog post.

I leave you with some pictures, they are divided into 3 days, with my favourite picture from each day followed by a slideshow of all the pictures

Day 1: Arches National Park

From Arches National Park, Moab, UT

Slideshow of more pictures:

Day 2: Canyonlands National Park, Island in the Sky Entrance

From Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Utah

Slideshow of more pictures:

Day 3: Canyonlands National Park, Needles Entrance

From Canyonlands National Park -Part 2

Slideshow of more pictures:




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