Monday, July 05, 2010

4th of July

Another 4th of July has passed us. This is the first time I decided to stay put and not travel during this holiday, it was also the first time I decided to partake in the great show put up by Boston.  The July 4th festivities of Boston are renowned for their mix of tradition, culture, pop-culture and spectacular fireworks.  Even given the current economic climate,  the show was awesome and it was a perfect way to spend a Sunday on the banks of Charles.

I joined Jeff and Jack, two photographer friends of mine and we camped out in our "perfect" spot for over 10 hours. Earlier in the week we had scoped out locations that would be just right for getting great shots of the fireworks and we settled for a spot across from the barges and near the MIT boathouse.

The day was supposed to be a scorcher at 90F (32 C), it wasn't that bad, with a cool breeze that made it comfortable to camp out there in the high temps. As the evening approached,  folks from the MIT boathouse decided it would be perfect to moor their boats directly in front of about more than a dozen photographers and and add another challenge to our task. We must have recomposed and adjusted umpteen times.

In the end though, it worked out okay. I had a great time and it was a rather good way to spend the holiday. I think we came back with some good shots and unscathed from the crowds.
The night did end with a bang..literally, while driving back home, I was stuck in a jam. Police cars trying to get through made the driver ahead of me panic and he decided to back right into my car!
At least the air bags didn't deploy!

Do check out Jeff's photos at his blog
and John's should be up on his flickr soon too!


lizkdc 9:12 AM  

Damn, a ten hour camp out! That is some craftwork right there. But the shots are lovely--the compositions are gorgeous. And you got the full Boston 4th experience.


It's really amazing how you could capture those images.

John 10:30 PM  

I didn't know you had a blog. You left out that we almost got in the middle of a brawl. Great photos

M.R. 12:25 AM  

Great photographs! Any idea where the firecrackers were manufactured? By any chance was it at Sivkasi, a south Indian city very famous for fireworks.
Incidentally, the famous good looking luxurious towels used by the players at Wimbledon are manufactured in India!

InfoMiner 8:40 AM  

@Lizkdc, oh it was a well spent day and yes the whole Boston 4th experience is highly recommended!

@Rahul, oh it was just point and shoot :-)

@John, ha yes the brawl, well figured I will leave the threatened violence out of this post

@M.R, thanks. That's a good question, I don't know, these are some pretty fancy (complicated) ones. So, when you getting those luxurious towels?

Anu 10:29 PM  

Beautiful worth the 10-hour camp out ;)



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